Dr. Anderson

Science.png Achieve offers all four of the sciences:

biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics ‚ÄčStudents can select from any of the sciences and do not have to follow a structured path increasing their ability to pick and choose from a variety of topics.


Biology is the study of life.  The range of classes looks at life from the molecular level to the global interactions of all life.  Classes include:

o   Why am I alive? - Chemistry of Life

o   Power Baby! - Energy of Life

o   Could Jurasic Park Really Happen? - The Basis of Life DNA

o   Yellow Brick Road - Evidence of Change

o   Keeping Balance - Disruption of Homeostasis

o  Monsters Inside of Me - Impact of Humans on the Environment

Earth Search.png

Earth Science is the study of the internal and external processes of the Earth It examines how all aspects of the Earth interact with each other and the wider Universe.   Classes include:

o   Oceanographt - Internal and External Processes of the Earth

o   Aliens, WHHHHAAATTT? - Processes that Influence the Universe

o   Hand Me Those PLastic Glasses, Please - Process that Impact Life: Resources

o   It's Raining Cats and Dogs - Processes that Influence the Earth: Energy Transfer and Climate Magnet.png  Physics is the study of the motion of matter and energy. Classes include:

o   Rollercoasters - Kinematics

o   Robotics - Dynamics

o   Keep It to Yourself - Conservation Laws

o   Energy and Its Transformation

Bubbling Erlenmeyer.png

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter and the chemical reactions between matter and energy.  Classes include:

o   Atoms, Ions, & Molecules; OH MY!- Structure of Matter

o   Counting Sheep - Quantitative Chemistry

o   Life's Locomotive - Movement and Transfer of Energy o   Even Steven - Equilibrium