Why School?  There is a responsibility of a culture/society to prepare our children and young adults for the challenges they will face as they progress through life. These challenges create solutions and these solutions are the foundational values of the culture/society.

Why does leadership matter? 
To lead is to be a humble guide, mentor, coach, and teammate. The leader is able to join all the pieces together to best support the group to effectively overcome obstacles. The leader most often provides clarity and a path where there is none through questioning and discovery. The leader focuses on the strength of the team and their shared outcome over personal success.  

What qualities do you bring to the McLain Leadership Team? 
I bring a sense of being humble, driven, valuing others and myself, capacity of greatness, servitude, and the understanding that I am a lifelong learner.  

What do you need support with? 
I ask that others see me as a learner - I need support in effective communication while we value each other.

How will you intentionally lead for our students and staff? 
I will offer thoughts on practice. I will metacoach myself, my peers, educators, and students. I will draw on my personal and professional experiences to support our school community. I will operate with the expectation that everyone around me is great and will continue to be great.
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